More than Just a Pair of Shoes

The classic white shirt, a perfect pair of jeans, and leather jackets. Some things never go out of style. Joshua Bingaman, founder of HELM Handmade, understands this. “HELM is the classic male boot reinterpreted- the shoe for the new male footwear connoisseur who will not sacrifice comfort.”

Yes, fabulous men’s shoes! Unfortunately, I don’t see an abundance of them around town. Don’t get me wrong. I have encountered a few pairs here and there, but I’m tired of seeing the infamous Nike sandals, ratty Converses, and old flip flops that are about to disintegrate. Now, I’m not asking to see Versace black patent leather loafers, but how about a pair of timeless handcrafted boots?

What sets HELM apart is how they mix footwear and art by handcrafting their products. HELM’s boots travel all around the world before they end up on your feet. They’re designed in Austin, handmade in Istanbul, with leather from Holland and Australia, and soles from Italy and France! Bottom line, the people at HELM really love their products and what they do. They want you to feel like you’re wearing something that’s expressive and inspired by art.

Want a pair of these boots ay? Now is the perfect opportunity to get them. The summer clearance is going on and all boots are 60% off. Ladies, be sure to check them out too. These boots have such a classic look to them that they’ll look equally chic and fabulous on you.

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