Do512 and The New Movement Theater Present: Mothership

If you haven’t been to The New Movement theater, you’ve been missing out on the newest and one of the most consistently excellent Austin landmarks on the improv and sketch comedy scene. Chris Trew and Tami Nelson started the theater in 2009, and it has since become a hotbed for inventive comedic performances. In addition to teaching improv techniques to those wanting to learn the craft, The New Movement has spawned countless troupes and performers that have appeared at Fun Fun Fest, SXSW, Austin Film Festival, and Comedy Central. The theater’s prestige reached new heights when they hosted Hell Yes Fest, an event that featured such nationally known comics as Kyle Kinane and Chelsea Peretti.

All of this is to say that The New Movement is kind of a big deal, so we’re partnering with them to present a show so big it could only be called…Mothership! Or, if you prefer to yell it, MOTHERSHIP! Just imagine the giant UFO from Independence Day that can destroy D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and Harvey Fierstein with one monster laser. Now replace that laser with comedy, and you’ll get the idea of what it’s like to have your face melted off by pure laughter at the Mothership show.


Specifically, the lineup for Mothership is a cornucopia of everything that makes The New Movement great. It starts off at 7:30 with Improv Zero, an introductory class that relies heavily on improv games and is perfect for people of all skill levels. Then at 9, the audience can participate in the Austin Family Feud show, featuring battling teams from sponsors Tom’s Tabooley and Food Heads.

The main event takes place at 10:30 with the Megaphone show. This was the first show ever to be regularly performed at The New Movement, and it’s considered one of the best. The show’s concept revolves around someone telling a true story, followed by New Movement regulars crafting an improv scene featuring themes from the story. It’s all made up on the spot, yet still guaranteed to be hilarious. Make sure to stick around though. Starting at midnight, the Spiderhouse Ballroom turns into a sexy, sexy discotheque, complete with a DJ.

This is Chris Trew, co-founder of TNM. His beard expects to dance with you at Mothership.

How much would you expect to pay for a show of this high quality? One hundred dollars? Two hundred dollars? Think again! The entire package can be yours for just eight bucks. But wait! Click on the “RSVP” button on the event page, and you can go for the low, low price of $5. See you there for some chuckles and perhaps even some guffaws.

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