Emo’s brings in Mickey Avalon with Kid Mac and Foot Patrol

Seems like beach blanket bingo comes to mind when hearing a name like Mickey Avalon. However, hide your wholesome minded kiddos for this one!  Mickey Avalon combines beats with an expertise in sin to educate young folks about various body parts, prostitution, and other scandalous doings which are all delivered in rhyme.  With the help of Myspace music, Avalon was able to rise up through a craze in his song, Jane Fonda.  Songs like Jane Fonda and Mr. Right get the most attention from young ladies, but most of them would probably agree that they are pretty darn catchy.

Coming to Emo’s with Avalon is also Aussie, Kid Mac and the quirky Foot Patrol.  Kid Mac, aka Macario De Souza, comes out of Sydney with a knack to get people to sing along and shake it.  Adding Foot Patrol, who you could say adds fetish on top of funk with other spectacles, will deliver you a very uncommon night of entertainment.  The night might be a sweaty mess, but at least you’ll have fun.

You can go sing along, witness the spectacle and dirty up your Sunday evening July 31 @ Emos

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