Super Water Sympathy, Toy Ghost, F for Fake and Globster @ Mowhawk (8/3)

Every so often, you hear about a group from (what you might consider to be) a random part of the United States that are taking their region by storm, spreading outwards across all directions of the nation.  Bands that emerge from the more obscure places in the states tend to impress me because I get the feeling that they’ve transcended an environment separated from the bigger cities to rise above and get their music out nonetheless.  Shreveport, Louisiana, our eastern neighbor, doesn’t stick out in my mind as having a bubbling music scene, (though I am no expert on music scenes by any stretch of the imagination…) and that is exactly where Super Water Sympathy comes to our town from, and next Wednesday, you’ll have a chance to catch their unique set at the Mohawk.

To introduce Super Water Sympathy, they’re a freshly minted indie quintet with a taste for catchy melodies and hooks, as in their songs stick with you so easily that once you hear a track of theirs, get ready to be humming it all day long.  Lead vocalist Ansley Hughes has a voice that demands your attention, with a warmness and clarity that makes you feel right at home.  Brothers Billy and Clyde Hargrove, bass and guitar, along with drummer Ryan Robinson and Jason Mills on keys, provide a smooth (ambient at times) mixture of sounds that just flows together in such a way that is well constructed and intentional.

This is no E-Z listening muzak, however.  This group knows how to ROCK.  OUT.  Check out this live performance of their song “Where Creswell Ends”  You’ll find that it muses you with crooning from Hughes that you’ll instantly hum along to, while suddenly being lifted out of your seat into a dancing frenzy.  I seriously love this band already: 

Looks like they’re a hardworking recording group too, as they have a brand new full length album coming out, called Vesper Belles which I imagine they’ll be promoting and performing selections from at Mohawk.  You can pre-order their album here, and I can’t wait to snag my own copy.

Supporting Super Water Sympathy will be Austin’s very own Toy Ghost, F for Fake and Globster.  Don’t miss this show, it’s going to be a special night with some amazing groups.

Super Water Sympathy w/ Toy Ghost, F for Fake and Globster

Wednesday, Aug 3rd @ The Mohawk

Doors @ 9:00 PM, Show starts @ 10:00PM

ALL AGES: $6, ($8 for minors)

See you there!

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One Response to Super Water Sympathy, Toy Ghost, F for Fake and Globster @ Mowhawk (8/3)

  1. Denise Spohn says:

    These kids are truly amazing! Seeing is the best part of believing!!!

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