Do512 Welcomes Live Tobacco-Free Austin

Anybody who calls Austin home knows that it’s a city that likes its cigs. Maybe it’s the bands, maybe it’s the bars, but it’s hard to think of a night out without forging your way through clouds of smoke. While many of us take this as a given hazard of a night on the town, at least one group is trying to keep Austin weird and less cancerous.

Live Tobacco-Free Austin is an initiative started by the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Service Department to encourage Austinites to consider cleaning up the air in our city in a time when the outlook is exceptionally dire. Don’t believe us? Tobacco-related deaths are the leading cause of preventable deaths in Austin/Travis county. That translates to 11 deaths a week in Austin – more than AIDS, crack, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, car accidents, fire, suicide, and murder combined. And even if you don’t smoke, you’re still affected. Each year in Texas, more than 4,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke.*

But enough of the gloom and doom already! We’re not here to be Debby Downers, especially when the folks at Live Tobacco-Free Austin have such a great thing going to help people quit. Mind you, this isn’t your mama’s stop smoking campaign (provided that your mother was into public health). Gone are the off-putting PSAs of old. Instead, Live Tobacco-Free Austin offers a community-based approach to helping people kick the habit. A quick scroll through their Facebook page will show personal shout-outs congratulating individuals on quitting smoking.

The personal touch continues on their website with all sorts of resources to help you quit. Users can also share personal stories of how tobacco has affected their loved ones here. The stories then get formatted into cool postcards and posted on the site, kind of like Instagram, except less hipster dependent and more emotionally affecting. For those wanting help with making their immediate environment tobacco free, check out this handy dandy map that pinpoints local businesses, health-care facilities, and other organizations that can provide materials on cutting out the smoke in your community.

The best part of the Live Tobacco-Free Austin campaign (you ask, rhetorically)? That would be the Ashtrayler, without a doubt.  Following Austin’s adage of “if a store is good, a store on wheels is better,” the Ashtrayler is a cross between an Airstream and that sweater your kindergarten teacher wore on arts and crafts day-

The Ashtrayler is a Wienermobile of sorts, in that it goes to all of Live Tobacco-Free Austin’s events and rewards people that pledge to be tobacco-free by letting them sign an ashtray on the Ashtrayler. Anybody can then see your signed ashtray on the online virtual Ashtrayler, thanks to the magic of the interwebs.

Do512 is incredibly excited to be partnering with Live Tobacco-Free Austin. We’ll be the first to admit that living in Austin without a pack of American Spirits is hard, but if anybody can turn the tide on Austin’s smoking problem, it’s a group that takes what food trailers did for breakfast tacos and applies it to quitting smoking.

*(all statistics are according to the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department and a 2006 Surgeon General’s Report on the effects of smoking. To find out more information on smoking statistics, visit here)
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7 Responses to Do512 Welcomes Live Tobacco-Free Austin

  1. Ronny Smith says:

    First of all I still love my cigarettes. I do take exception to groups trying to dictate how free thinking adults live…I think that the trans-fat obesity issues far and away are killing more people than my smokes. There are way more fat people than smokers why don’t you go help (bother) those people.

    • Misty says:

      Patios in Austin rock (when it’s not 106 degrees) but I hate breathing in smoke while I am trying to eat. I used to smoke and I support anything that can help people quit.

  2. Liz says:

    I think this is a great campaign and cause. It takes a postive approach and is simply there to help anyone who wants to quit. Kudos!

  3. Ashley says:

    This is really cool!! I signed my pledge to be tobacco-free. Have you?!

  4. Linda says:

    What a wonderful campaign for our beautiful city. I quit in April 2008 after smoking for more than 40 years. It’s been wonderful! I exercise on a regular basis, have much more zeal for life and really enjoy the savings. Check out the website for FREE cessation services. It’s your turn to create a new lifel!

  5. Wilmia says:

    I Love Austin and I love to be able to breathe tobacco free air. I am glad people are getting more knowledgeable of the dangers of tobacco and smoke it not only affects them but everyone around that chooses not to smoke. Thanks for your consideration to others.

  6. Megan says:

    This campaign has some AMAZING quit resources for people interested in quitting- and they are all FREE!

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