Do512 Presents: We’re Getting Too Old for This Shit – A Not Back to School Bash @ Black Sheep Lodge 8/11

We’ve all heard the saying, “love college, hate school”. Lucky for you, school was a time that has come and passed, but sadly you must now be at work from 9-5 and can only look forward to the weekends that are so busy that it barely feels like a weekend. Don’t let me keep depressing you. Look at these pictures:



That’s Jimmy and Scott, our co-founders in their college days. This was also you, when you were not forced to listen to anyone in particular.  While you let the blacked out memories seek their way back to your brain, read more about how there is a way as to where you don’t have to go back to school but get to party like it’s 1999—err whatever years you were in college.


On the 11th of August at the hour of 6:30PM, Do512 will be presenting: “We’re Getting Too Old for This Shit”—A Not Back to School Bash at Black Sheep Lodge. We understand, you may think you are too mature to be drinking massive amounts of trashcan punch or Fratty Light anymore. We understand that you have been trying to work off that beer gut for the past however many years; but that doesn’t mean the college you– that has been suppressed by “the man”—hasn’t been telling you to make that trip down to 6th street lately. This is your party, honoring those who won’t be making the move back into the dorms; the one chance to live college the way you wanted… you know without school, and the overly expensive, unnecessary textbooks.


What you can get on Special:

$2 Jello Shots

$4 Long Island

$4 Trash Can Punch

$4 Pickle Back Shots

$2 Natty Lights

$6 Ranch Dressing (with a FREE side of fried foods)

^ You know ranch is amazing on everything!

Just like the frat parties that most of the dudes were never able to get into, you MUST RSVP ! But with this, if you RSVP, you’ll be able to get in— we don’t discriminate.

To make things even MORE awesome, reply to your confirmation e-mail, or e-mail , a picture of yourself from college (preferably hilarious, we want to be entertained!) so that we may put your picture up and give you your 15 minutes of fame. PLUS you get a FREE glass of Trashcan punch if you send us one!

As a benefit…

No cover for the ladies all night long!!

No cover ’til Midnight for the guys!

There will also be tailgating games, other types of games, and drunken debauchery. Be there so we can honor you not having to go back to what some believe is the greatest time of their life!

PS. Wear your alma mater’s shirt, hat, whatever you have so we can banter about school rivalries!


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