Simplify Your Life Week: Do512’s Trash to Treasure Drop-Off


We are in the throes of National Simplify Your Life Week. With all of the stress that comes with life, never ending day in day out work, bills (o my gosh the bills), kids, nutrition, time management, pets and other regular kicks in the head,  it’s a real bummer to come home to a closet and house full of clutter. It’s a wonder we all haven’t curled up into the fetal position and let the stress eat us alive.

That was a dismal opening paragraph. This ought to cheer you up though. We’re embracing simplify your life week and we want to help you as much as we can! Starting tomorrow, August 3, we will be accepting donations fit for Goodwill at our office and we will take them down there for you! (There’s a brand new location in Westlake and we’d love to take them some goodies.) If you’re in the neighborhood and have bags of things that are ready to go, bring them to us at 2208 S. Lamar up until this Friday between 9am and 5pm. We’ll unload them from your car and take them to donate to those in need. Simplify!

We also have compiled a list of businesses who love efficiency, relaxation and helping make their customer’s life better and easier. Here’s a bunch of other companies that jumped on the wagon to help simplify your life.


We hope to see you this week among the knick knacks. Now, who’s life size cat wearing a Christmas sweater ceramic is this?

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