Sweet Leaf Tea ACL CONTEST

As I write this post, I hear from a coworker who just staggered inside, drenched with sweat, that it’s 107 degrees outside.  My mind immediately begins to rifle through my options for what cold beverages I can acquire to keep cool today when it’s time for me to venture out into the raging inferno that is our town in the summer.

In my humble opinion, Austin’s own Sweet Leaf Tea (from the same makers of Deep Eddy Vodka!) is pretty much the most refreshing beverage you can get your hands on during our hot summer months.  Few things beat downing a cold Sweet Leaf after a long day in the  sweltering heat, or a short day out of the heat, really anytime in any climate…Regardless, sure would be nice to have a fridge full of Sweet Leaf to cool down whenever you want…


Sweet Leaf Tea is doing a contest right now where you could win a year’s worth of their tea, and also tickets to the ACL Festival!  All you have to do is come up with a witty Grannyism.  What’s a Grannyism, you ask?  It’s a short saying or nugget of wisdom under the bottle cap of each and every Sweet Leaf Tea.  And YOUR Grannyism could be printed on thousands of bottle caps!  (Note* you do not have to be a Granny nor act like one on weekends to participate.)

Here’s the breakdown of prizes:

1 Grand Prize – Your Grannyism featured on a Sweet Leaf Tea Cap + One year of FREE TEA + Seet Gear

4 Runners-Up – One year of FREE TEA + Sweet Gear

Now, for the ACL part:

In addition to the grand and runner up prizes, Sweet Leaf is also giving away tickets to the Austin City Limits Festival!  You must submit a grannyism, but the winners will be chosen randomly.  That means even if yours grannyism sucks, you can still win!  Here’s the ACL ticket giveaway schedule:

Tuesday, August 16: 2 VIP TICKETS
Wednesday, August 17: 2 General Admission TICKETS
Thursday, August 8: 4 General Admission TICKETS
Friday, August 19: 2 VIP TICKETS
Monday, August 22: 2 VIP TICKETS

These dates are coming up quickly, so if you want these tickets, SUBMIT YOUR GRANNYISM NOW.

Think you’ve got some grandma wisdom to share with Sweet Leaf drinkers?  Just go to www.sweetleafalmanac.com for all the info you need.  (Sweet Leaf asks that you keep it G-Rated for Granny…)

You may submit your Grannyism through October 21st, but remember that if you specifically want to be chosen for ACL tickets, submit now!

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3 Responses to Sweet Leaf Tea ACL CONTEST

  1. My Grannyism: Don’t eat yellow snow!

  2. rachel martin says:

    Corn pines the pay.

  3. Leslie Davis says:

    Come here and give me some of that Sugar

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