Bassrush: NOISIA, Emalkay, DJ Fresh w Rev Kathy Russell

In a city full of DJs and night clubs, Dub Step and Drum n’ Bass are two major genres you can find yourself dancing to almost any night of the week.  In case you aren’t familiar, Dub Step and Drum n’ Bass are similar types of music, D&B heavy on the drums and bass lines (hence the name) while Dub Step has its signature “wobble tone,” sort of a warbly synth sound over the beats and bass lines, which you can hear in a lot of Dub Step music.

Like I said, these two genres are getting popular in the clubs, but what you won’t find every night is a Dub Step vs. D&B dance party spun by DJ’s from the Netherlands and London.  That’s right, this Thursday (8/4) at Republic Live, there’s gonna be a throw down of beats with NOISIA, a Drum n Bass trio from Groningen in the Netherlands.  Check out this interview with them:

Joining them will be Dub Step DJ Emalkay, from Birmingham, UK who has the credentials of working with Plastician, the pioneer of Dub Step:

DJ Fresh of Bad Company UK will also be performing, and he is known as being the biggest influence on drum and bass:

Opening the night is Austin’s own Rev. Kathy Russell, also a drum and bass artist:

BassRush Presents: Dub Step v. Drum n’ Bass

Featuring NOISIA, Emalkay, DJ Fresh and Rev Kathy Russell

Thursday 8/04 at 9:00 PM

Want to go for FREE? Like it here for a chance to win free tickets!

See you there!

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