The Wheeler Brothers + Drew Smith + The Orbans (8/19)

The Jackson 5, The Bee Gees, The Allman Brothers, Hanson, Jonas Brothers, etc. How many bands with brothers can you name?

Yes, there are plenty of bands with brothers out there, but one you might not have named is Wheeler Brothers. For those who aren’t familiar with them, they’re a five-piece Americana indie-rock band that consists of the three brothers Nolan, Tyler, and Patrick along with friends Danny Matthew and A.J. Molyneaux.

Despite having three brothers in the band, each member brings their own unique ideas and sounds to the group. Their sound is a mixture of indie rock, blues, and folks that’s unique and quirky. The band’s latest CD, Portraits, was released back in June. Not only is the album cover of a roaring lion wearing a suit awesome, but people are really loving the music.

These guys have been busy touring all across the country and they’re finally back in Austin. Back at home! These guys are really excited to be playing at the Mohawk on Friday, August 19 along with their friends Drew Smith and The Orbans. Be sure to show these guys some love after a long month on the road.

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