The Others with Mad Classy @ Barcelona 8/7

Insomniac, Bassrush, NightCulture & V Productions presents: The Others and Mad Classy, August 7th at Barcelona at 10PM.
The Others, the guys who have been creating and playing dubstep before it was called dubstep. Now some people may think dubstep is a mindless version of music that anyone with DJ equipment could recreate. While this may partially be true, it takes talent to be popular enough within the genre to go on world tours and be internationally known– from Europe to the US. Chill, rock out, do whatever you please; it’s almost like a rave on purple drank (a Houston reference for you).
Now that the show is at Barcelona, one of the dance party central hot spots of Austin, you have to think that this show is going to be good to the point of where everyone is moving. At this very moment, we are having an argument about what dubstep is, but it is inexplicable. All I can guarantee is that there will be a LOT of bass, and dancing.
(If you have a definition of dubstep, please be sure to leave a comment and tell us)
Entry is 21+, and tickets are available >>here<< But of you click “I Like It on the event page you could win a pair of FREE tickets!
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