George Acosta @ Republic Live (8/12) “Visions Behind Expressions”

Imagine yourself at your favorite dance club, surrounded by your best friends, and the music is thumping, strobe lights are flashing.  Reflective beams from the disco ball are gliding over everyone, and suddenly the DJ drops the needle onto your favorite song.  Your body surges with confidence and you bust out some new dance moves that you didn’t know you knew…as if the spirit of dance possessed you and you’re now the coolest person in the room.  You know the feeling…

Next Friday (8/12) you’ll have the opportunity to see a world renowned DJ George Acosta.  Hailing from Miami, Acosta is known for being “America’s representative in the global cutting edge dance scene.”  With 12 albums of music under his belt, he is now touring and promoting number 13, and not so unluckily (eh? eh? 13?) for you, he’s coming to Republic Live!

His new album is called “Visions Behind Expressions,” and I just pumped some of it through the office speakers, and suddenly the lights shut off and the Do512 lounge doors magically opened and there was a crazy dance party going on inside…(note* – this happened in my head, but it was seriously awesome.  Seriously.)  I recommend Acosta’s new record to anyone who loves to host dance parties at their house, enjoy working out with energetic music on the ipod, or simply like to jive out during the work commute.  Check it out:But don’t take my word for it, get yourself down to Republic Live next Friday and see what George Acosta has in store for you.  Supporting him will be Austin’s very own CHAOS, Rob Nelson, Andrew Parsons and JT Skyy.

Want to get in for free, or possibly have a $40 drink tab voucher?  Like the event here, and you’ll have a chance to win!

George Acosta: Visions Behind Expressions

Friday, August 12th @ Republic Live

See you there!

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