Cover Bands in Austin

Here in the live music capital of the world, we have something for everyone. Tribute and cover bands are no exception. Consider the fact that over the years we’ve seen various Austin musicians do their best impression of a wide variety of artists including Neil Diamond, Devo, LCD Soundsystem, Huey Lewis and the News, the Beatles, Queen, ZZ Top, Tom Petty, Rush, Refused, Guns & Roses, and heck, even Elvis Costello.

To give them proper tribute (get it?) and help you find the one you’re looking for, we put together a list of some of the best Cover Bands in Austin we could find. From straight-up tribute bands to party and wedding bands, 80’s, rock, country, punk, and just about everything in between. Check out our list at

Be sure to click on the band images to find out more about each individual tribute and cover band. Each link will take you to the band’s profile on Do512 where you can find links to their home page, Facebook, Twitter, upcoming (and past) shows, and live video if we’ve got it. Do you know of a good cover band in Austin we failed to include? Shoot us a message and we will add them to the list!

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One Response to Cover Bands in Austin

  1. theresa1985 says:

    I love 80’s and rock cover bands! They know how to entertain the audience at a party or at a wedding. I checked the bands you listed here and I liked them. I would also like to suggest a cover band I’ve seen recently in a concert: Rod Lightning & The Thunderbolts of Love. Michael Libow, the leading vocal has an incredible voice! Maybe you would like to check them out.

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