Celebrate & Launch Benefiting Citizen Generation

We love to brag about how we live in the greatest city in America; you can’t go anywhere without hearing the word “Austin” about a dozen times. We’re kind of obsessed. But what are we actually doing to give back to our fair city? According to the stats, very little: Austin is ranked 48th out of 50 top cities in the nation in per-capita giving. We’d be so much cooler if we all made it a habit to contribute to our community in some way. Citizen Generation believes just that. Their mission is to “create the habit of giving through philanthropy and community programs.” Executive Director, Alex Winkelman began CharityBash in 2008 as a fun way to support charities and party at the same time.

Join some of Austin’s most active citizens to celebrate CharityBash’s donations totaling over $250,000 and the launch of Citizen Generation. There will be delicious food, drinks, interesting people and other merriment. Check out tickets for this event held at the Mexic-Arte Museum or gain admission at the door.

So get with CharityBash and see how you can donate money through their programs.  Celebrate community participation Wednesday, August 17th @ Mexic-Arte Museum.

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