Sunday Night Movie Series: Gangster Month and Spaghetti Dinner @ The Upper Decks

Behind every mafioso, every self-made man who whacks his way to the top and becomes a made guy, is a healthy diet of hearty, saucy, meaty pasta.  Not to get stereotypical towards the mob, but isn’t that what the movies do?  Casino, Goodfellas and The Godfather films definitely put an emphasis on Italian cuisine, and depict their characters as people who love 3 things: gettin’ rich, killin’ off people who get in their way, and makin’ meatballs.

So here’s an offer you can’t refuse…The Upper Decks, Austin’s new neighborhood restaurant (you know that one with three levels and not one but TWO decks?) is starting a Sunday Night Movie Series, and this Sunday (8/14) begins their Gangster Month!  For $19.95, you get a delicious spaghetti dinner for two AND a bottle of the house red wine to enjoy with the screening.  You can even dress up sharp and pretend you’ve been invited over to Marlon Brando’s house to discuss favors.  That’s quite the package if you ask me, and I’m not the only one who knows this, so you should jump up quick and get spot reserved for you and a friend.  Give the folks at The Upper Decks a call at 512-291-2686 to make a reservation.  Do it!!

Can’t make it this Sunday?  No problem, because they’re going to be doing this EVERY Sunday for the next couple of weeks, showing Goodfellas (this Sunday,) Casino (8/21) and the The Godfather Parts 1-3, so keep an eye out if there’s a specific movie you want to see.  Hopefully The Upper Decks will adopt this as a tradition, and you should too.

The Upper Decks’ Sunday Movie Series: Gangster Month and Spaghetti Dinner!

Every Sunday, 9:00PM @ The Upper Decks

See you there!

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