Austin Restaurants with Local Food

The Growers Alliance of Central Texas, or GroACT for short, is a group of local, sustainable and organic farmers and ranchers. Earlier this year GroACT surveyed its members to help the Austin community more easily identify local restaurants that buy regularly from area farms. A simple online survey of 130 restaurants was made available to about 80 Central Texas farmers and ranchers, who rated the restaurants according to how frequently they purchased food directly from them.

These 10 restaurants received the highest rankings:

1) Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

2) East Side Show Room

3) Texas French Bread

4) Somnio’s Cafe

5) Jack Allen’s Kitchen

6) Olivia

7) Trace at the W Hotel

8 ) La Condesa

9) Péché

10) East Side Pies

To find a list of restaurants that earned an honorable mention, and learn more about this survey, to go to

We here at Do512 decided to take the GroACT survey results and run with them, organizing a handy list of Austin Restaurants with Local Food. If you are looking to truly eat local, your best bet is to check out one of the many tasty options on the list.

In addition to the top 10 we included a whole bunch of local restaurants that received honorable mention, including El Arbol, Kerbey Lane, Eastside Cafe, House Pizza, Alamo Drafthouse, Counter Cafe and many more.

To view the full list of Austin chefs and restaurants that are buying local and helping to keep family farms in business, just click over to And if you know of any that we failed to include, please shoot us a message!

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