Boarding Pass Launches New Fashion Line

Seems like everyone is traveling more than usual these days.  Despite the economic toilet we’ve been flushed down, we are still able to dish out the funds to hop a plane to somewhere.  Boarding Pass Radio, an online radio show (which started as a forum for travelers to bounce around ideas and trade stories about their adventures) knows that there are dozens of reasons to travel, whether it’s a Phish concert, disaster relief work, or just the insatiable desire to get out of town.

One topic of discussion that comes up often is the relationship between travel and fashion.  Obviously, when it comes down to it, it’s best to be practical, taking as little as possible for the sake of convenience.  However, it’s also good to be fashionable while traveling because you want to impress people, whether its for business or for fun.  So, the folks at Boarding Pass got to thinking, and to improve the coexistence between practical and fashionable, they decided to target a basic essential: the messenger bag.  Check it: it’s a trendy, chic bag with an exterior iPod pocket.

Talk about practical, you don’t even have to unzip the bag to change up your tunes while sitting on the plane or bus, and the pocket grips your iPod so you don’t have to worry about it ever slipping out.  Plus it’s a roomy bag with 2 exterior pockets for maps or a passport.  Here’s a closer look:

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2 Responses to Boarding Pass Launches New Fashion Line

  1. brian jones says:

    A click wheel iPod??? 2004 was a good year wasnt it? Retro bag for a retro iPod, so hip.

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