The Action Pack Presents Aladdin Sing-Along (8/20)

Admit it now. Who hasn’t belted “A Whole New World” a few times in their life. Whether it’s when you shower, prance around in your underwear while gesturing majestically, or in the car when no one is watching. We’ve all committed this.

There’s just something about Disney songs that make people want to sing. Especially songs from Aladdin.  Thinking about the way Aladdin and Jasmine sing a duet in perfect harmony on the magic carpet in the soft moonlight gliding past silky clouds all around the world makes me want to sing along. Even if that means having to do both the male and female vocals.

Disney songs are magical and need to be embraced, and this Friday will be the perfect opportunity for you to do so. Yeah, that’s right. Unleash that crazy Disney belting side of you.

The Action Pack presents Aladdin Sing-Along at the Highball Friday (8/20). Typically Action Pack hosts their Sing-Along events at the Alamo Drafthouse, but this time the Highball has decided to exclusively host the Aladdin Sing-Along. So be sure to come out to the Highball ballroom for a little sing-along magic.

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