Dawes with Robert Ellis at La Zona Rosa 8/24

Dawes is the current incarnation of the band Simon Dawes, the Malibu-based post-punk outfit. With the band’s paring down to just its surname, the group has switched to a folksy, roots rock sound that bears influences from the likes of Neil Young and Jackson Browne. Every listen to a Dawes song brings a different experience. One song might sound like it was unfairly passed over for inclusion on the O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack. The next song might evoke the longing vocal yelpings of The Avett Brothers. Give a listen to “When My Time Comes”, a song that combines a chorus of powerful harmonies with some great lyrical crafting. Plus, it has a music video with an adorable takeoff on Cool Hand Luke. Playin’ a song here, boss-

If you’re still on the fence on whether to go see the show or not, remember that nothing is quite like going to see a great Americana band live. I always sneak in a flask of cider and pretend like I just got off my day job as a lumberjack and will have to head back to my snowy cabin after the show. Whether or not you have fantasies for outdated woodsy professions, you can still show up to La Zona Rosa on the 24th and catch Robert Ellis as an added bonus. Ellis might be from Houston (don’t hold that against him), but he demonstrates an uncanny ’70s Laurel Canyon sound, especially impressive for someone who’s yet to see the majority of his 20s. For lucky attendees, this show will have not one, but two acts that are equally adept at wistful folk melodies and more upbeat country standards.


If you’re like me and have a tough time scraping together 15 bucks for a ticket (that’s like 3 whole beers!), Do512 is here to help. Click the “I Like It” icon on the event page for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, thus saving your piggy bank from imminent destruction.

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