Fight for Your Right to Parody 2! Lamebook vs. Facebook Legal Fundraiser and UHpinions Site Launch

I’ve never actually met Mark Zuckerberg (we ran in different circles at Harvard), but I saw enough of The Social Network to know that he seems like kind of a dick. So what can you do about it? Well, you could incessantly poke him on Facebook (pretty juvenile), you could set up a lot of spam accounts (annoying)…or you could just go to Fight for Your Right to Parody 2! Not only is it a legal fundraiser to thwart the evil lawsuit filed against Lamebook by Facebook, but it’s also a parody event that has parody in the title! SUPERPARODY!

Grrr! I'm an allegorical Facebook!

For those of you not subscribed to Trademark Infringement Quarterly, here’s a little background. In mid-2010, Facebook started throwing its legal weight around by threatening sites like Teachbook with lawsuits, proving once again that Zuckerberg hates both portmanteaus and literary suffixes.  This prompted Lamebook to file a preemptive suit against Facebook proclaiming its First Amendment rights. The legal analogy for this would be like if you encounter a grizzly bear in the woods, and to prevent him from biting you, you preemptively cover yourself with honey BBQ sauce and hand the bear silverware. Which is why lawyers make terrible park rangers.

A little while later, Facebook returned Lamebook’s cute little lawsuit with a counter suit (surprise!). These dueling lawsuits are the current state of things, which means Lamebook needs a lot of help if they’re going to end up the triumphant David against Zuckerberg’s Goliath. Lucky for you, you can help fight The Man simply by showing up to Shangri La this Saturday to watch comedy, drink free beer, and support the launch of UhPinions. UhPinions aggregates all of those classic reviews from the ignorant, witty, and downright ludicrous and puts them on one site. Most importantly, they’re pants-wettingly hilarious. Check out this review of a strip club.

Full details on the festivities can be found on the event page. If you’d like more information about the “Facebook v. Lamebook: Frivolous Lawsuit Edition,” have a look-see at these sites:

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