Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part 17

Since Mondays are typically reserved for recovering from a fun-filled weekend, not only for the Do512 All-Stars but for the Do512 staff as well, we’ve decided to move our weekly All-Star spotlights from Monday to Friday. We also figure that will have given our favorite local media, bloggers, event experts, and professional going out-ers a chance to recap their week, and to make their event recommendations for the weekend. So let’s get to it:

The Alamo Drafthouse Blog is constantly updated with interesting content, with one of their recent entries providing an in-depth look at some of the films that will be featured at Fantastic Fest 2011, happening September 22-29 right here in Austin.

Second Wave of Fantastic Fest 2011 Titles Announced!

Second Wave of Fantastic Fest 2011 Titles Announced!

Fantastic Fest is proud to announce the second wave of programming for the seventh edition of Fantastic Fest, happening September 22-29 in Austin, Texas.  The second wave includes seventeen new World, North American & US premiere films, plus info on Fantastic Fest’s signature events and contests that make it one of the most unique festival-going experiences in the world. Tune in next week for more amazing 2011 content to be announced!

Fantastic Fest is also proud to announce Kristen Bell in her official new role as Fantastic Fest Director. As GM of the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar she has been a constant presence at Fantastic Fest and has overseen most of the festival operations for the last several years.  Commenting on Kristen’s new role, Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League said, “I have served as the director of Fantastic Fest for the past six years and will continue to be very deeply involved as the festival Creative Director, overseeing programming, curation, event strategy and of course the all-important hosting of parties and events.  We are all excited to have Kristen assume this expanded role at the festival and look forward to working with her to continue to improve what is undoubtedly my favorite eight days of the year.”


One of the greatest long-running traditions of Fantastic Fest is the 100 BEST KILLS PARTY, where we sit in a theater together and turn the spotlight on the Grim Reaper of movieland as he disembowels, detonates and decapitates again and again and again. We’re not watching for character development or thematic resolution or any of that garbage; just the most life-defying acts of human extermination in film history. We need your help to make 2011′s 100 BEST KILLS the most mayhem-congested homicide-fest of all time. Just submit your optimum kills to us and the show’s best murder-slinger will receive 100 DVDs and Blu-rays from Fantastic Fest as well as partners including Blue Underground, Well Go USA, and others. Submission details here –

It’s that time again! Every year Fantastic Fest hosts a bumper creation where we invite YOU to create the most outrageous video that you can come up with. We use as many entries as we can and put them on screen at the start of each screening. The theme this year is “Altered States” – feel free to interpret that how you wish and go in our bumper any direction you can imagine.  Go here for additional submission rules and deadline –


The amazing Grady Hendrix of the famous New York Asian Film Festival will join us and introduce four surprise 35mm screenings of classic Hong Kong grindhouse gems (most not available on DVD) from Hong Kong’s exploitation heyday of the late 80’s and early 90’s, these movies are cinematic crystal meth: cheap n’crazy, they’ll spoil you for everything else. Designed to play to rowdy audiences who threatened mayhem if they weren’t delivered a dose of gonzo delirium every five minutes, they have a total disregard for three-act structure, Hollywood plotting and the lives of their stuntmen. Get ready to burn!

Texas Premiere
Director Kitao Sakurai live in person
Director: Kitao Sakurai, Japan, 80 minutes
Larry (AARDVARK’s blind-since-birth protagonist) has an innate curiosity that lands him smack in the middle of a bizarre criminal underworld replete with mixed martial arts, intrigue, murder and pillow humping.

BLIND (2011)
US Premiere
Director – AHN Sang-hoon, Korea, 111minutes
A blind woman narrowly escapes from the clutches of a serial killer.  When he circles back to get rid of any witnesses, the woman must rely on her other acute senses to identify and outwit the killer.

CALIBRE 9 (2011)
World Premiere
Director Jean-Christian Tassy & Producer Axel Guyot live in person
Director: Jean-ChristianTassy, France, 84 minutes
A city planner becomes strangely linked to a gun possessed by the soul of a dead hooker.

Click here to read more on Fantastic Fest!

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All-Star: William Trinity reviews albums, takes cool portraits of local artists, and tells us about other music and Austin-related business in Trinity Stardust and the Blog from Mars. He caught a recent show at the Mohawk presented by Austin Psych Fest and Sailor Jerry, featuring Dum Dum Girls, Mark Sultan, Night Beats, The UFO Club and more. He provided some coverage and a couple of snapshots:

Dum Dum Girls (Dee Dee & Jules) – “I Will Be” Live @ Mohawk, 08.12.11

This past Friday the beautiful duo Dee Dee & Jules of the Dum Dum Girls made a stop at Austin’s Mohawk for a stripped down set. The performance gave them a chance to test out the quieter side of the band and preview new material from their forthcoming album Only In Dreams. However the quieter side of the band isn’t that much quieter than the full band. Stripped down to two guitars, Dee Dee & Jules sound extra reverby. The performance was far from an acoustic one as Jules kept with her pedals and effects. It did help emphasize the harmonies found in the vocals. Dee Dee’s love sick tales had a little extra brood effect.

Along with new songs, the Austin show also included familiar Dum Dum tunes like the title track off their debut I Will Be– video of which is below.

Dee Dee Penny

August 12, 2011

Jules Dum Dum 

August 12, 2011

Click here to read more

a few of the upcoming events on William Trinity’s calendar:



Handsome Furs + Lean Hounds

Handsome Furs + Lean Hounds Fri. 08/26 | 8:00PM @ Mohawk Austin

The Ettes with Hans Condor

The Ettes with Hans Condor Tue. 08/30 | 9:00PM @ Emo’s

The Dodos

The Dodos Fri. 09/02 | 9:00PM @ Antone’s

Wild Frontier Fest 2011

Wild Frontier Fest 2011 Sat. 09/10 @ Mohawk Austin

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All-Star: Mofoz Visuals is a streetwear/lifestyle brand founded in 2002 that promotes contemporary fashion, art, music and design. Mofoz was the name and crew set forth from a group of friends to conceptualize, collaborate and then finally to produce works of progressive imagination and creativity. They do what they love, and let us in on it at They just shared with us 10 Texas Hip-Hop projects you should be aware of, and provided coverage of the Bavu Blakes listening Party and Hat Battle:

10 Texas Hip Hop projects to share


Austin MC , Muggzy Flowz recently teamed up with the RAWTID TUNES team of beat makers, Blacksmith and Barrage to create the just released album, THE RAW. MUGGZY is a young veteran of the TX hip hop scene, he has toured prominently with the San Marcos colletive The Word Association, as well as with El Paso hip hopper Promise Pseudo in projects throughout the last few years dubbed the Wright Brothers. Muggzy has also been busy on the international tour circuit recently with the French/TX/Cali connection known as Binary Audio Misfits. Anyways, we’ve been long time fans of the MC, and are pumped to hear his second solo offering with his latest project, THE RAW.You can download the album free for now from the RAWTID TUNES website.
Couldnt find a video of any of Muggzy’s solo endeavor but we did come across this great interview/live footage of Binary Audio Misfits from their latest French excursion…we especially like Jaysin of BAM sporting the Mofoz logo tee –sweet!


OBX latest project entitled RAGE is one of my favorite albums to jam to, and is a constant in car companion lately. The San Antonio MC delivers with rhyme patterns and rawness reminiscent of the East Coast boom bap sounds however mixed with tales of living the San Antonio rapper life. The project also showcases amazing blends and cuts by San Antonio turntablist favorite DJ TECH NEEK. DOWNLOAD”RAGE” FOR FREE HERE


This is an Austin MC that is probably the newest to the ATX hip hop scene to compel me enough to listen to full tracks, let alone a full project. Not to say hes brand new to the scene, moreso he’s heading the younger wave of ATX Hip hop heads, and thats a good thing.

KYDD has been staying busy and offers a 26 track project entitled “Sounds in My Head Part 1″ that can be downloaded for free here. or Download his latest single “Just a Lil Bit  featuring Boobonic here.


Austin MC and long time Mofoz fam Phranchyze perhaps is well known to most as the battle MC that clowns and eats other battle rappers as an appetizer before delivering great punchlines and emphattic delivery.He does do that….. however Phranchyze seemingly uses the focused energy from the battle circuits to deliver well thought and at some times hilarious content in his latest mixtape projects… all whilst collecting the Austin Chronicle’s “Hip Hop Act of The Year” award in the process. Phranchyze is readying himself for his newest project entitled “Stars” as well as collaborations with Blues phenom Gary Clark Jr. The latest Phranchyze mixtapes,  FRENCH PHRANTANA and  GUCCI PHRAN  are available for free Download here.

Click here to read more about Texas Hip-Hop


Bavu Blakes listening Party and Hat Battle

This past friday Complete Clothing hosted Bavu Blakes’ “Sanct” album listening party and hat battle. The Austin bred MC showcased a slew of new songs that guests easily bobbed their heads to and raised there beer filled cups to. DJ Kid Slyce kept the beats going while guests also voted for their favorite hat collections on display. Heres some pics.

Phranchyze and Krishna in the house

 Bavu Blakes and Frank of Proper Entertainment

DJ CHARLIE repping the Zulu nation and competing in the hat battle. DJ Charlie has also been heading up a great underground hip hop DJ and producer night at The EASTERN called “The Good Life” , so if you are in Austin, you owe it to yourself to check out the next monthly.

Click here to read the rest of this article

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All-Star: Austin Lifestyle Magazine chronicles the people, culture and the lifestyle of Austin, Texas. Every issue focuses on the best of everything Austin has to offer from entertainment, cuisine, home, culture, trendsetters and fashion. This magazine is about what is new and fresh in Austin. You can read their latest edition online, and check out more at their blog. One of their most recent entries focuses on the Zandunga Mexican Bistro:

Zandunga Mexican Bistro

 Austin’s burgeoning East Side is no secret these days. With the exposure and rapid perfection of its boutique culinary and libations scene, this area of town deserves all of the attention it has been receiving.

Let this grab your attention, for starters: thick as taffy, almost, yet stretchable in a more delicate, frailer sense, the melted Oaxaca cheese of Zadunga Mexican Bistro’s queso fundido seeps off of the serving spoon, leaving behind sautéed mushrooms and roasted poblano peppers atop a browned surface of queso in the too-hot-to-touch bowl. Uniquely sweet, in addition to its inherent savoriness, the queso is adorned with huitlacoche, a highly demanded, edible, corn-derived fungus, sometimes referred to as the “Mexican Truffle”.  Zandunga’s “interior” approach to Mexican queso is too rich to take on solo, which the dish’s three accompanying tortillas reveal.

The accompaniment itself is just as notable as the queso. Freshly homemade, the corn tortillas are smallish, slightly bigger than palm-sized. They almost resemble sopes, the small, dish-shaped masa patties used as a topping’s base in traditional Mexican cooking. Zandunga’s tortillas featured in their entrees are a larger, flatter version of the appetizer tortillas.

Click here to read more on Zandunga

Follow them on Do512 and Twitter @lifestyleaustin


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