Momo’s Celebrates 11 Years

Real Place with Real Music. Momo’s has built a nice history; a history they will be celebrating August 26-27.  Musical talent that is apart of Texas music history now, has probably passed a current through an amplifier at Momo’s.  So, congrats to Momo’s and congrats to the live music institution that is Austin.

Momo’s is run by Paul Oveisi  who is committed to bringing you real live music, a blend of established touring acts and developmental artists. The 11th anniversary is also doubling as Paul’s birthday party. The celebration includes acts like Suzanna Choffel, Wisebird, David Garza, and The Coveters. I would recommend stopping by some night you’re out and check this place out if you’ve never been.   You might run across your new favorite artist nobody has heard of yet.

Cover charge usually ranges from $5 to $15 depending on the night and covers the entire night of music. 18 and up are always welcome.

August 26th and 27th @ Momo’s.  Music starts at 8 both nights.

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