Style, Speed & Glory : Austin Fashion Week Kick Offs!

Saturday night was the Style, Speed and Glory kick-off for the third annual Austin Fashion Week and it was quite a sight to behold. Held in the Cowboy Harley Davidson Showroom in South Austin, the usual hog house had been rearranged to hold a runway, stage, vendor booths, multiple bars, and an upstairs area full of treats. Sponsors provided lovely goodies such as delectable salmon tapas from Cantina Laredo, Suga Plump Pastries cake balls, and Cornucopia popcorn snacks. Cocktail sips were provided to us by Rebecca Creek Whiskey, Tito’s Vodka and Corzo Tequila, who led a DIY margarita stand upstairs. Needless to say, we had a divine time far before the show had even begun!

Never mind you, GQ. After a bit of a diss from the popular men’s magazine earlier this year stating that Austin was higher up on their list of worst dressed cities in America, Austin Fashion Week rallied up just in time to say, “uh, not if we can help it.” Out came the feather and flower hair accessories, the sky high heels, the harem pants and beaded bustiers, classic vintage dresses and modern Betsey Johnson frocks mingling along with one-of-a-kind fashions from Austin’s own array of designers to fight back.

If there was ever a place to people watch, this was certainly it. “Thou shalt not covet those six girls’ pairs of shoes, Daphne!” Ah, eye candy.

The evening’s show began with a Harley Davidson Motorworks exhibition which was presumably the first time many of the crowd members had witnessed leather chaps heading down a runway. Vroom indeed. Afterwards, the newest Betsey Johnson collection strutted down the runway and the flashbulbs went flying. The show had officially begun. Punk-rock plaids and school girl inspired dresses marched out first with black tulle petticoats adding that trademark touch of Betsey flair.

A darling teal, tulle short princess dress came down next with a fruit punch pink colored flower hair detail and a gray blazer over it. We took a solid moment to reflect on the lack of jewel toned petticoats in our sad closets and *sighed.*

Johnson’s collection was followed by a performance from 80’s cover band, LC Rocks. If the plaids that had just strutted down the runway before didn’t instigate 17-year-old flashbacks, LC Rocks certainly could. Dedicated to their craft, the band led a loud and hair whipping set through the entirety of intermission while the models prepared for the Austin Mash Up Team show.

Austin’s finest took to the stage after the music break. Teams of photographers, designers, makeup artists, models, hairstylists and stylists partnered up and made their creations come to life. From the lovely giant hair bow on Alice in Austin to the unique silhouette on the Fashion L-Labs piece, an array of style was on display and all were charming in their own ways. You can see all of the models in our photo gallery from Breanna Williams Photography here.

It’s not too late for you to vote on your favorite mash up! The Fashion Week Awards are this Saturday but there’s an extensive amount of events for you to hit every single night this week. Check out the full schedule of opportunities and take advantage of the fabulous (lots free) parties happening around this town. We just took GQ’s list and kicked it in the kneecaps with a fabulous 5-inch-Betsey heel.

–Rachel Daily

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    Cool outfits!
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