Drive-By Truckers with Centro-matic @ Stubb’s (9/1)

You know that band that really knows how to move you musically?  You know, their sound is so familiar to you and their lyrics strike chord with you in such a way that you feel like they’re talking to you from your car stereo?  Without getting too emo on you, I’d like to say that Drive-By Truckers can move me musically in a way that most bands don’t.  Their CCR style alt-country with a heaping ton of straight up ROCK is exactly what I need whenever I’m driving the Texas backroads.  They sing about life in a way that is not serious all the time, which is what I appreciate about them.  I also appreciate their ability to rock the EFF out: 

Like them too?  Well, looks like you’ve got a perfect opportunity to tell them that by going to see them next Thursday (9/1) at Stubb’s.  Hitting the road to support their new record “Go Go Boots,”  they’re stopping by with Centro-matic from Denton.  Check out this simple, but really cool video by Centro-matic (and their sleepy-looking bassist) for their song Triggers and Trash Heaps: 

If you and your best friend REEEALLY want to go for free, we’ll consider it if you ‘like it’ here.

Drive-By Truckers with Centro-matic @ Stubb’s

Thursday, September 1st, @ 8:00 PM

Buy your tickets here.

See you there!










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