STS9 @ Stubb’s (8/26-8/27)

(Holy shit.  This looks awesome.)

I have to admit, I hadn’t heard much STS9 before now, but I’ve been grooving out to them for about 20 minutes now, and I’m in a complete trance…not sure how I’m even able to write.  Not calling their music trance necessarily, but they’re definitely creating some seriously cosmic sounds that I could see myself listening to for hours and not notice the passing of time.  Sound about right?  Well I might just have to check them out at Stubb’s this weekend.  After all, I’ve got TWO nights to choose from…or both.

That’s right, they’re playing two nights, this Friday and Saturday (8/26 and 8/27) at Stubb’s.  Straight out of Santa Cruz, STS9 (Which stands for Sound Tribe Sector Nine) is an instrumental group whose live performances are their strong suit.  Mixing elements of jazz, funk, rock, psychedelia (and possibly other genres that haven’t been created yet) they’ve got 5 albums in the bag and one live DVD, which I think I need to see.  Apparently they also partner with non-profits when they tour, which is super awesome and smart of them.  They worked with Conscious Alliance to set up food drives at their concerts in previous tours, and have raised serious funds for Katrina victims.

Anyhow, their music is pretty awesome recorded, I can only imagine what they do live…or I can watch this video: 

Now if that doesn’t make you want to go to this show, I don’t know what will…except maybe the possibility of winning free tickets!  (Like it here, and you could win a pair to Night 1 and HERE for a pair to Night 2!)

STS9 @ Stubb’s

August 26th AND 27th

9:00 PM

Get yo’ tickets here (Night 1) and here (Night 2)

See you there!






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