The Action Pack Presents: Starship Troopers

Like many members of the female population, I accept most oddities of male behavior as being better left unexplained. My questions as to the purpose of certain rituals (football?) and habits (change your socks, please) are laid to rest, for they are cans of worms best left unopened. However, one mystery has continuously left me perplexed and confused. Countless sleepless nights I’ve laid awake mulling it over in my mind, and now I must resign to the fact that I will never understand why Starship Troopers has a cult following. In fact, every Thursday evening at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, the Action Pack presents Starship Troopers – complete with in-house live pyrotechnics!

After lots of research and endless hours in the lab, I’ve come to find that Starship Troopers has all the necessary components for the perfect man movie: it’s got violence, action, giant bugs, a lack of a plot, explosions, nude scenes, a protagonist named Johnny Rico, testosterone, more nude scenes, a galaxy in turmoil, did I mention giant bugs? Most importantly, Starship Troopers has Denise Richards lookin’ fine as hell:

I previously mentioned live in-house pyrotechnics during the movie, and just to clarify – yes, I was being serious. That’s not all though, because the Action Pack never disappoints or sends you home empty handed. Upon entering the theater you’ll be recruited to the Action Pack Federated army, being handed standardized caps and guns to fight with/pretend to kill giant bugs with/take home and continue to do both with. You’re sold, I just know it. I myself am still trying to figure out the appeal, so perhaps I’ll just organize a ladies night out to experience this cinematic gold for myself (kidding!).

Every Thursday @ Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 7pm.

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