Frank: Gourmet Hotdogs and Now Gourmet Music

Our city is unique in many ways, from our chilly downtown natural springs to our Stevie Ray Vaughan statue, to our grandiose meeting of the minds (SXSW) festival.  But the one thing that truly sets us apart in my mind is…are you ready?   Gourmet Hot Dogs.

Ha!  Thought I was gonna say music, didn’t you?  Well, turns out you’re right after all, because our beloved gourmet sausage joint, downtown’s Frank, is revamping itself and completing a metamorphosis into a brand new place for live music, in addition to its delicious dogs.

To successfully realize this hot dog/ live music venue (what I’m referring to as my dream come true) they’re really bringing in the heavy artillery.  They’ve hired on entertainment veterans Glynn Wedgewood and Josie Fluri, who constructed a powerful night scene at The (late, great) Ghost Room.  Frank has also consulted live sound engineer/wizard Chris Payeur, also of the Ghost Room and not to mention The Parish, which I consider to have the best sound in town.  So basically, they’ve got the dream team together to make this happen.  Wedgewood and Fluri are currently working on an upcoming schedule of shows, and they’re raising the bar high for bands, both national touring and beloved local groups.

This Saturday (August 27th) will be their all ages launch party, featuring dead black hearts (EP release) with New Roman Times and Western Ghost House.  Tickets are $6, and we’re giving away a pair, which you can win if you like it the event on Do512!  (Here!)

Frank is located at the corner of Fourth and Colorado Streets in downtown Austin. For more information about Frank, the new live-music program curated by Josie Fluri and Glynn Wedgewood, or the live-music program launch party on Aug. 27, please call (512) 494-6916, or visit

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