Whiskey Shivers: Gimme All Your Lovin

We love it when Austin bands are doing amazing things, including blowing up on the internet.  Local bluegrassers Whiskey Shivers recently posted a music video, which they shot back in May for their new song “Gimme All Your Lovin’.”  YouTube watchers started to take notice right away, and their video started racking up views like crazy.  Most recently, internet moguls Ryan Seacrest and Perez Hilton posted the video on their sites, claiming it to be both “clever and creepy.”  See for yourself, and let us know what you think:

Odds are you’ll agree with Secrest, Perez and the nearly 250,000 internet viewers that the video is hilariously reminiscent of “Human Centipede” and has a creeptastic ending.  You might also agree that the usually sleeveless, fiddle totin’, mustache clad Bobby is “super hot.”  (and also that the guitar player has a quick, wicked tongue.)

Want to catch them live and see if they’ve actually been surgically connected by a crazed German doctor?  Well you can!  Whiskey Shivers are releasing their new album, “Batholith” next Tuesday at the Scoot Inn with some more great local bands Hello Wheels and The Baker Family!  It’s also their Tour-Kickoff party, so go and wish them a bon voyage!

Way to go, Whiskey Shivers!

Love, Do512

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1 Response to Whiskey Shivers: Gimme All Your Lovin

  1. Cntrybeachboy says:

    Awesome band…but it’s gimme all youR lovin. Not you’re. Pet peeve lol

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