Austin Fashion Week: Jewelry Showcase

Ladies, get your naked collarbones ready.

Weird. Ok, how about this? Ladies, prepare to watch some of the loveliest jewelry you’ve ever seen walk by you in Austin’s own Driskill Hotel, some of which can be worn on your collarbone. Ok, better.

The official Austin Fashion Week Jewelry Showcase took place on the 23rd with a market set up in the back for all of the participants to showcase their best wares, meet the attendees, sign folks up for their newsletters and cultivate camaraderie overall.

At about 9:30 the shows began and each vendor’s collections were beautiful in their own ways. Miss the show? Here’s some participants that stood out.

Heather Henry – Natural stones were a big influence in this line giving the pieces a look of raw elegance. She seeks images and textures from the natural world to develop ideas for her new collections and it’s working out quite well for her.

Dean Frederick – Austin’s own heist host, builds custom pieces for each individual customer and is notorious for using colored diamonds.

F. is for Frank was a personal favorite of mine and their smooth, unique pieces, brushed pewter fox head rings and clean rustic display subtly wowed. With square bangles, practical everyday pieces and unique architectural designs, this line would work on everyone from your attention commanding glam queen to your plain Jane work-a-day gal.

Manic Trout just moved to Austin and had pieces built from vintage scarves with unexpected elements added to them like metal seahorses or lovely, vintage stones.

DePetra – A Houston line, feathers, leather and an array of other natural elements made up this collection. The pieces were very practical with dainty touches. They said that they wanted to portray the power of women with rough, powerful, primitive and modern elements and ended their presentation by yelling “BOOM!”

Eye on the Sparrow designs was inspired by a close musician friend to the designer passing away. She told me that she felt close with him when she wore it and began noticing other musicians having difficulty parting with their used and broken strings as well. The bracelets capture the soul of the artist’s music and all strings are donated.

Raven + Lily was another big favorite of mine. Based here in Austin in a studio above Dean Frederick, the designers take former bullet cases and have them crafted into jewelry to aid HIV impoverished women in Ethopia. The presenter for the line ended her speech with “what was once meant for hard now brings hope and life.”

This is just a sampling of the great works that were there and the full list of participants can be found here.

All of the designs I saw were lovely and each presentation showed so much heart and passion for creation. If you didn’t get passes to the official showcases this year, be sure and keep an eye out for Austin Fashion Week’s fourth year next year and jump on it. These are not shows you want to miss.

A huge thank you to Dagny Piasecki for her expert eye and camera snapping away for us!

— Rachel Daily

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