Celebrate Labor Day Weekend @ Sound Wave 9/4!

As you all are probably VERY aware (unless you are very much in denial)…summer is officially over. This is a sad, sad fact of life that we must all eventually accept. School is back in session. Vacations are over. People are back to the grind at work with no hope of a beach vacay in the near future. Life is sad…right?


Don’t you dare forget about that little holiday the calendar throws in at the beginning of September. You all know what I’m talking about. That one weekend where you get to pretend that it’s still summer by going swimming, throwing barbecues, or WHATEVER you like to do…LABOR DAY.

It may only be one little day added on to your weekend but you have to admit, Labor Day is such a glorious holiday. Just when you think that you’ll have to wait for Thanksgiving before you get another day off…Labor Day pops right in and saves the day.

I won’t lie to you all…my Labor Day weekends are usually super lame. I normally celebrated my day off of school by pushing my homework back another day and sleeping in as late as possible on that Monday. But don’t be like me…there are much more exciting things to do on your mini-summer weekend. Like…


Starting at noon this Sunday, September 4th is the Sound Wave: Labor Day Weekend at Volente Beach! You seriously do not want to miss this. This electronic dance music festival is the perfect way to celebrate your Labor Day weekend. Not only will there be a ton of awesome performances from great artists such as Nero, Andy Moore, Morgan Page, Savoy, DJ Micro, Crizzly, Sno White, DJ Bizz and more but there will also be a FREAKING WATER PARK featuring pools and SLIDES, volleyball, food, a beach, and six full bars. NEED I SAY MORE? Water slides and drinks and LIVE MUSIC. Could this get any better? I really, really don’t think so.

So come on down to Volente Beach in Leander this Sunday to dance your booty off, drink, eat, and splash around and be able to say that you celebrated your Labor Day weekend like a champ!

And, of course, be sure to click “I Like It” for the chance to win one of THREE free pairs of tickets!

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