Kung Fu Saloon Labor Day Party!

Labor Day weekend is coming up quick, and you need to plan your weekend.  The Longhorn Football season is starting up, you’ve got not one, but TWO Saturdays to recover from and a relaxing Monday (If my mailman is reading this, I hope you have a wonderful day off!) Well guess what?  Kung Fu Saloon is throwing what they’re referring to as “a big ass Labor Day party.”  I’ll go ahead and call it that also.


In case you’re not all too familiar with Kung Fu Saloon, let me tell you, it is truly a magical place.  Remember when your parents dropped you off at an arcade with a ziplock full of quarters?  Well, imagine an alternate reality where arcades we still the main source of gaming entertainment, and never went out of style due to Xboxes, Wiis and Playstations.  Kung Fu Saloon has 16 vintage arcade games, and YOU DON’T NEED QUARTERS TO PLAY THEM AT THE PARTY!  Awesome.

In addition to the games, they’ll ahve $1 mimosas, a Bloody Mary Bar, a DJ starting at 10PM.  Austin’s DJ Boombai will be spinning smooth and funky hip hop and house, so get ready to bounce into Labor Day.

Kung Fu Saloon Labor Day Party

Sunday, September 4th

$1 Mimosas 11AM-5PM

Bloody Mary Bar

DJ Bommbai @ 10PM


See you there!

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