The Dodos @ Antone’s 9/02!

The dodo may be an extinct flightless bird that died out hundreds of years ago (thanks Wikipedia for the fun fact!), but The Dodos are anything but extinct.

I first heard about the duo when they came to ACL in 2009. My friend was incredibly stoked to check them out, even though I didn’t know who they were (yet.) But for some reason we didn’t get to actually see them perform. It was probably due to the disgusting piles of mud that covered all of Zilker that year (f you don’t remember that disaster…look it up.) But anyways, their song “Fables” was included in that year’s ACL sampler. And I loved it. The upbeat, percussive yet melodic sound instantly grabbed my attention. It’s the kind of upbeat sound that makes you want to drive around on a sunny day.  And I soon realized that all their music is just as cool. Their sound is incredibly distinctive and has a unique percussive quality that is undeniably their own. Each song sounds different and fun, characterized by the “punchy percussion of Logan Kroeber and the Fahey-infused finger-picking of frontman Meric Long.”

Check out “Fables”:


And since ACL, The Dodos have continued to crank out some seriously spectacular music. The Dodos’ fourth, full-length album No Color has received some serious critical loving, with Filter Magazine calling the album, “Easily their best, most cohesive album yet, No Color shines brightly—continuing to push the band to new levels of musicianship and songwriting.”

Check out “Companions” from All Color:


And fresh off the release of No Color, The Dodos are embarking on a Fall U.S. tour.

I bet you can guess where I am going with this…

Yes, The Dodos are making a stop in Austin! And they are going to show the “Live Music Capitol of the World” what they’re all about.

This Friday, September 2 the Dodos bringing their unique sound to Antone’s. And trust me guys, they are sure to put on a spectacular show. If you’re looking for an awesome show to start out your Labor Day weekend then you’ll definitely want to check them out.

So remember. Friday, September 2 at Antone’s…doors open at 9! Be there!

And YOU can enter for the chance to win a pair of free tickets to the show by clicking “I Like It.”

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