Sade Returns

Get some soul back in your soul.  If you would like to be serenaded by a vocal goddess, the Frank Erwin Center can make that happen.  Sade hasn’t been on tour in a long time, but the Erwin Center is going to be perfect for this type of talent. Uplifting and unforgettable, the concert will offer Sade’s best known songs along with some of the newly awarded hits as well.

What a great show to bring a date to because this music is just down right sexy!  The new show Sade has taken on the road in the U.S. is taking no liberties at the visual level.  The show will create a full arousal of the senses.  The screen that will be the backdrop for Sade is larger than life and will display images almost as beautiful as her voice.  Also contributing to this soulful nite of entertainment is the talented singer and pianist, John Legend.

Sade and John Legend at the same venue. Soul.  That will be an awesome collection of songs to behold. Go be stunning at the Erwin Center.  September 7th at 7:30.

Click “I Like It” for a chance to win free tix.

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