Silent City Limits

Ever been to a concert where everyone is wearing headphones to hear the music?  Sounds pretty crazy awesome, huh?  Well, it’s real so listen up and you can go to one.

Silent Frisco is a production company that is dedicated to solving the “noise issue” of late night events/parties.  They recognize that some people like peace and quiet, while others like to go out and dance the night away.  These two groups of people don’t always coexist well when in the same geographic location, so Silent Frisco has come up with a great idea: silent events!  What does that mean?  It means they’ve started using cutting edge wireless headphones that are given to all audience members, and they can groove out to live music…in silence!

This solves a lot of issues, including the aforementioned noise issue that lots of residential neighborhoods have with surrounding venues.  It also takes away the damaging effects a super loud concert can have on the human ear.  Do I sound like an old fart?  Yes.  But you will be one too if you get your ears blown out from those 800 concerts at 115 decibels, slowly tearing away at your eardrum tissue.  Scary and true.

Anyhow, Silent Frisco is having their “Silent City Limits” festival Friday (9/16) and Saturday (9/17) at the Enchanted Forest, and you need to go.  There will be multiple DJs on 2 different channels (!!)  It’s going to be an experience to say the least, because it’s starting at 11PM and going UNTIL SUNRISE both nights!  Here’s the breakdown:

On the Austin Channel: (ACL)

DJ Manny, Orion, Chicken George, Kangaroo Sexy, Happy James, Victor Wong and King Louie.

On the parts unknown Channel: (OCL)

All Good Funk Alliance, Motion Potion, Pleasuremaker and U9lift

Want to win 1 of three pairs of tickets?  Like the event here for a chance to win!

Silent City Limits (2 Nights!)
Friday (9/16) and Saturday (9/17) @ The Enchanted Forest

See you there!

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One Response to Silent City Limits

  1. FrontSherpa says:

    We went both nights and had an amazing time. Check out photos and video of the event:

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