Win Some Eyewear Extraordinaire from Tortoise and Blonde!

Eyewear is usually divided in dichotomy. There’s the engineer contingent that sports thick-lensed bifocals, slaves to the “form follows function” adage. Then there’s the cadre of fashionistas spending hundreds of dollars on designer sunglasses that boast the same vision benefits as pairs a fraction of the price.

Enter Tortoise and Blonde.

The online boutique out of New York succeeds in the nearly impossible- offering glasses that bridge the gap of cutting-edge aesthetic design and the precision of personally visiting an optometrist. To top it all off, the glasses offered at Tortoise and Blonde are shockingly affordable. It’s all in support of the company’s mindset of “one today, another tomorrow,” the idea that nobody should be trapped in the mundane world of owning only one pair of glasses.

As to be expected, many of the frames offered at Tortoise and Blonde sport the style of their namesake. Tortoise shell patterns bespeckle frames in all shapes and sizes. Not to worry if sporting Galapagos-inspired frames isn’t your thing. Each frame that Tortoise and Blonde offers comes in a triumvirate of styles. Check out their spring collection here.

If you’re like me (my condolences if you are), you’re afraid to buy glasses online because they could end up accentuating your already Ziggy-esque nose. Tortoise and Blonde fixes this conundrum by recommending particular lines that match seven different face shapes, from “oval” to “base-up triangle.” If you possess the rare dodecahedron-shaped face, check out the virtual mirror function that lets you upload your face and try on frames virtually.

Before buying, the site guides customers through such esoteric concepts as “pupillary distance”, and provides tips on how to get the best pair of glasses based on your personal prescription. Add to this lenses with various ranges of sun protection, all coated in something called cellulose acetate. Apparently this is the industry standard for lens protection, and not the acid that disfigures Batman villains. Who knew?

All of this is to say that Tortoise and Blonde is absolutely committed to providing customers with a pair of glasses that fulfill the desires of Austin trendsetters, while still engineering them so that said trendsetters aren’t embarrassingly running into sign poles.  Best of all, Do512 is partnering with them to offer you, dear reader, the opportunity to win a FREE pair of glasses! The rules for the “Where Would You Wear Your Tortoise and Blondes” contest can all be found on the event page.

Essentially, you have to print out a paper cutout of one of the Tortoise and Blonde styles, then snap a picture of you donning the cutout. Then send Do512 a tweet that contains:

  1. An image of you somewhere in Austin wearing the paper glasses outline you cut out
  2. #WhereIWearTortoise&Blondes
  3. @TortoiseBlonde

Amanda shows off a paper version of Tortoise and Blonde at the Do512 office

If you don’t win the free pair, don’t despair! You can still win a pair of passes to the private Tortoise and Blonde three-day showcase at Estilo by clicking “I like it” on the event page. Either way, you’ll walk away with a great ocular accessory for a ridiculously affordable price. Not a bad consolation prize.

Finally, check out the Tortoise and Blonde page for opportunities to win tickets to ACL aftershows, including Bright Eyes, Deadmau5, Empire of the Sun, and Twin Shadow.

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