CityStreak Austin

We’re going streaking! Through the quad and into the gymnasium! Bring your green hat! …Sorry, can’t bring up streaking without me quoting Old School. Actually, this streaking is entirely different and it may be best for us all if you do it fully clothed. Streaking, which will be brought to us by CityStreak on September 9th, is an “Amazing Race” style urban adventure set up in cities across America. Here’s how it works: teams of 2 compete for a cash prize by doing all kinds of fun challenges around the city like solving riddles, scavenger hunt type tasks and of course more embarrassing challenges like singing a 90’s boy band song to a very frightened stranger. You’ll have a blast with your friends, make new ones and the exploring places you pass by every day. And if you win you get money!

Here’s the deal – in order for this to happen, CityStreak needs 1,000 fun loving Austinites to sign up on their email list and/or follow them on Twitter at @CityStreakATX – so go do it! Now! And tell everyone you know, the more the merrier!

If you have any questions, ideas, sweet pictures, funny videos, potential Streak locations, or if you think you want to help work for CityStreak and run CityStreak Austin, please email us!

Date: September 11th
Time: 2pm
Cost: $5/person
2 people/team

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