National Waffle Week

“And in the morning, I’m making waffles!”

-Donkey, as voiced by Eddie Murphy in Shrek

This week marks National Waffle Week! Some of the more cynical of you might be grumbling that it’s unfair to celebrate such a delicious invention during a work week that’s already shortened by Labor Day. Yet for the true waffleheads out there, Labor Day weekend is the perfect confluence of leisure time and love for waffles. If you didn’t take advantage of your waffle iron yesterday, never fear. It’s not too late to celebrate the sacred observance of National Waffle Week. You can start by browsing the places to get Waffles in Austin.

Personally, my favorite part of waffle week is that I can go to Waffle House without being drunk or admitting to giving up on life’s ambitions.

While Waffle House is a perfectly credible resort to get your waffle fix this week, Austin boasts a multitude of less traditional, and perhaps more scrumptious, eateries to score waffles.

Lucky J’s is a part of Austin’s vibrant food trailer community and one of the best locales to grab the unorthodox-sounding combination of chicken and waffles. A dish that has long been popular in the soul food world, the sweet and salty pairing seems to have experienced a resurgence as of late. In addition to various chicken and waffle assortments, Lucky J’s is home to the inimitable waffle taco (shown at right). This quintessentially Austin food takes a waffle and turns it into a taco shell for such fillings as eggs, bacon, and fried chicken.

If you’re in the mood for something a little swankier (not that trailers can’t be swanky), or if you’re just incredibly hungry, Paggi House offers a Sunday brunch that will win over any non-believers in the religion of Waffle. Chicken and waffles (at left) are a staple here as well, but Paggi House boasts both quality and quantity in their offering. Their breakfast buffet has unlimited waffles, along with other great choices like roast pork tenderloin and bread pudding.

24 Diner allows those in need of waffles to satisfy their cravings around the clock. The chicken and waffles here are massive and should only be undertaken by those with the fortitude and hunger to match. 24 Diner is home to the waffle sandwich, a delectable dish that features country ham and scrambled eggs trapped between a pair of waffles. Of course their regular waffles (below) are plenty tasty as well.

For a full list of places to get your waffle on during this week and beyond, check our list of Waffles in Austin! If you have a favorite purveyor of waffles that isn’t on our list, send us an email and we’ll be happy to add it to our page. Just be wary of getting your keyboard all syrupy.

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