Do512 and Austin Java Present: the Magic Carpet Ride Pedicab! It’s MAGIC!

Going to ACL is like being dropped into an awesome dreamlike oasis. The people are friendlier, the grass is impossibly greener, the food is tastier, the booze is boozier, and, oh yeah, Stevie Wonder and Kanye freakin’ West are playing.

But let’s be honest here. Actually getting yourself to the festival grounds can be a complete and total drag.


All during the festival, Austin Java and Do512 are deploying a pedicab to shuttle you to and from the fest. Those pedal pushing pavement warriors, those human dynamos, those dudes with cabs attached to their bikes will be hitting the streets, getting you where you need to be in class and style. We’re calling it the MAGIC CARPET RIDE.

Magic Carpet Ride

What’s so magic about it?

Not only will this special pedicab be hauling you around by the sheer might of his calf muscles, he’ll be handing out free latte gift cards, and $5 or $10 gift certificates from Austin Java to random riders throughout the day. A few lucky riders each day will win tickets to these ACL Aftershows:

Getting to ACL with zero physical effort, and winning free stuff.  It’s MAGIC. Look for the cab decked out in the Do512 banner.

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Finally, big ups and thanks again to Austin Java for making all this magic happen! Be sure to like em’ on Facebook and follow em’ on twitter!

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2 Responses to Do512 and Austin Java Present: the Magic Carpet Ride Pedicab! It’s MAGIC!

  1. Mr. Mrrr says:

    Which local pedicab company are you contracting with for this service? How many cabs will be available as Magic Carpet Rides? Are these cabs chartered and literally free to ride? Also, BTW this is a great idea…getting ACL on a pedicab! That is brilliant! Pure genius.

    • Do512 Blog says:

      Mr. Mrrr — There will only be ONE Magic Carpet Ride pedicab in the city (you’ll know by the Do512-pimped-out cab), but MANY tickets to give away on both Friday and Saturday (must fix flyer). We’re using an independent pedicabber. The ride will not be free to ride, but hopefully with a big surprise at the end!

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