Residual Kid Famine Relief Benefit

We all like to whine about the drought happening in Austin, but unlike our localized water shortage, similar circumstances in Africa have life-threatening consequences. While our diminishing lakes might put a crimp in our Labor Day tubing outings, most of us don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from. In recent months, record-setting droughts have crippled East Africa’s mostly agrarian society, thrusting an already poor and fragile environment to the brink of disaster. 

One of the few positive forces in an otherwise dire situation is A Glimmer of Hope. The organization provides exactly what its name indicates by working with communities in poverty-stricken Ethiopia to build long-term, sustainable solutions to break out of the cycle of hunger. Specifically, A Glimmer of Hope typically provides services such as irrigation systems, small-scale water filtration, basic health care, and microfinance loans. The organization partners with local Ethiopian NGOs to fast track projects and ensure completion in 18 months or less. To date, A Glimmer of Hope has enacted over 5,000 projects benefiting over 2.5 million lives.

While you’re more than welcome to donate directly to A Glimmer of Hope (and can do sohere), theResidual Kid Famine Relief Benefit offers a unique opportunity to donate to a great cause while wallowing in all kinds of perks. Chief among them is the concert put on byResidual Kid at Skinny’s Ballroom on Saturday, August 27. For those of you unfamiliar with Residual Kid, their young age, fairly white-bread image, and carefully planned rock wardrobes may make them look Disneyesque, but all of this belies a band that can actually rock. I’d like to see the Jonas Brothers try and play “Helter Skelter”-

The show has a suggested donation of $10, and for that paltry sum you can watch Residual Kid and special guest Will T. Massey, as well as score first dibs on appetizers from FlemingsPrime Steakhouse. Best of all, A Glimmer of Hope pays for all of its overhead through endowments, so you know 100% of all donations go to helping lives in Ethiopia.

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