Official ACL Aftershow: Phosphorescent w/ Little Hurricane @ Stubb’s

ACL is awesome.  No argument there.  But it’s gonna be so freakin’ hot all day that you’ll probably want to cool down afterwards, right?  Well, with ACL comes the official aftershows, and there’s no better way to end the night than with your favorite band at a cool local venue.  Take Stubb’s for example, they’re got a bunch of great aftershows scheduled and here’s one you need to check out: Phosphorescent with Little Hurricane.

Phosphorescent is the project of Matthew Houck, based New York.  I’ve been listening to him this morning, and he’s definitely got the classic rock/ alt country thing going on, but also surprises you with his oddly enticing arrangements and choice of instrumentation (lots of old brass instruments and glass bottles.)  If you’re a  fan of Neutral Milk Hotel or Wilco, this is a show you’ll want to see.  I’ve also heard from our resident music blogger (Covert Curiosity) that Phosphorescent‘s live shows are amazing!  (They also played an entire set of Willie Nelson covers from their Willie Nelson tribute album at a past SXSW show.) He’s released six albums since 2003, the most recent called “Here’s to Taking it Easy,” released in 2010.  Check him out here:

Sharing the bill with Phosphorescent is Little Hurricane, a bluesy-rock duo.  (I know what you’re thinking…Black Keys/White Stripes Jr.)  HARDLY.  These guys hold their own sonically and visually (The drummer is a badass/beautifully striking woman.)

In addition to the vintage blues they evoke, Little Hurricane isn’t afraid to get soft and acoustic, nor are they afraid to get funky.  Here’s an example:

Phosphorescent Official Aftershow with Little Hurricane

Saturday, 9/17 @ Stubb’s

Want to go FO FREE??  Like the event here, for a chance to week a pair of tix!

See you there!

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