Video Games in Austin

According to our research, today is September 12th. Further research led us to the discovery that today is National Video Games Day. While it certainly hasn’t been decreed as an official holiday by our nation’s Congress, who cares? Let’s play video games! Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or someone who considers Frogger the pinnacle of video game achievement, today is your best excuse of the year to make it a marathon day for video games.

Dust off that NES and have a few friends over for a Tecmo Bowl tournament. Break out the Atari and try to top your high score in Space Invaders. Try to remember how to pull off all of those wicked fatalities in Mortal Comat. Have a Mario Kart race-off. Play Halo all night long. Save yourself from the zombie apocalypse on Dead Island. Whatever your video game fix, today is the day you can embrace your passion for video games without fear of being called a geek.

To assist you in this awesome¬†endeavor of endless time-wasting, we compiled a list of places to find and play Video Games in Austin. It includes all of the arcades in Austin that we’re aware of, as well as local video game stores, many of which host various video game tournaments and other themed events throughout the year. You can also find a LAN party in Austin, if that’s your thing.

Click here to check out the list, and do your best to honor National Video Games Day! And if you know of a video-game centric place in Austin that should be included in our list, shoot us a message to let us know about it!

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