ARR, Matey! ‘Tis Almost Talk Like A Pirate Day with The Jolly Garogers at Opal Divine’s!

Avast all ye LUBBERS (AKA- “land lover” or the ultimate pirate insult)!  Ye hearties better be joinin’ The Jolly Garogers at Opal Divine’s ter drink some grog and admire some booty! Pirate booty, that is- yer dirty scoundrel!

Ok, but really. What better way to spend your night on September 17 than talking like a pirate, drinking like a pirate, dressing like a pirate, and cursin’ like a pirate. Opal’s is giving away $100 for the best pirate and best wench costume! Not only will you be a rich pirate, but you’ll also be a charitable one! Because your $10 donation at the door will go to Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas. Pirates have never been so generous!

Because Austin is so mediocre and boring, it’s home to the world’s finest PIRATE BAND, The Jolly Garogers. It might even be the world’s one and only pirate band, but they’re friggin’ good and that’s all that matters. These barnacle urchins will play from 9pm-midnight, but ye can keep swiggin’ yer grog ’till the sun comes up (or until the bar closes at 2am- then you have to leave).

Because we know all of you will be so beautifully irrisistable dressed in your wench and pirate attire, here we offer you some piratey pick-up lines (special thanks to that will surely help ye find yer buried booty treasure. Yep, you are welcome.


1. Arrrrrrrrrr ye free next saturday?

2. Approach your target and place your arm over the nearest shoulder as you say the following: “If you were a pirate, would your parrot sit on this shoulder, or THIS shoulder?” (This one works just like the yawning/arm stretch trick did in 8th grade at the movies- SCORE)

3. I’ve sailed the seven seas and your the sleekest schooner I’ve ever sighted!

So me little hearty pirates and wenches, we’ll be seein’ ye at Opal Divine’s on the 17th of September. We’ll be shaking arr pirate booties to The Jolly Garogers, benefiting BCRCT, winning prizes for our epic costumes and having a shiver me timbers time! Don’t miss out, or yee will all have to walk the PLANK. Just kidding.





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