Crowdsourced Concert Videos at Austin City Limits

Guest Post by Brett Welch

Remember when the Beastie Boys made that concert video by handing out cameras to the fans, then editing it together? Or when Radiohead did a similar thing? It was authentic, real, and powered by the love of the fans. It was inspiring.

Veokami is a website that makes the creation of those crowdsourced concert videos fun and easy. We use the videos that fans upload to YouTube. And best of all, it’s starring you.

We recently covered Lollapalooza’s 20th anniversary edition (see our coverage here). So we were super excited when we got the go ahead to cover Austin City Limits.

Here’s how it works – you vote for the acts you want to see. We’ll then deploy up our video search gremlins to start processing videos for the event. When it’s ready, we’ll notify you to come and check it out… simple as that.

We’re opening up the voting today at

After the event, we’ll also start keeping track of how many videos we’ve found. We need about 40 videos to effectively piece together the action. Most shows easily reach this number. After the show, check back and register your videos so we can include them!

See you at the show!

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