Fantastic Fest 2011

For those of us who have a special affection for science-fiction, fantasy, horror, action, animation, and all-around badass cinema, Fantastic Fest is like going to Mecca. It’s the largest genre film festival in the United States, created to offer exposure to genre films which are often overlooked by the traditional festival circuit. Fantastic Fest is THE place to catch world, national and regional premieres of new genre films, and in years past has presented the world premieres of THERE WILL BE BLOOD, APOCALYPTO, CITY OF EMBER, ZOMBIELAND, and more.

Fantastic Fest 2011 will be taking place September 22-29, held primarily at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema on South Lamar. In addition to dozens of North American and regional premieres, Fantastic Fest 2011 will feature the World Premiere of THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2: FULL SEQUENCE, with director Tom Six and producer Ilona Six live in person! The opening night party will be themed to the film, featuring live music from The Charles Edward Cheese band and an attempt to break the world’s record for the longest human centipede conga line. Find out more on the Fantastic Fest event page.

The fest will also be home to the World Premiere of ZOMBIE ASS, where the ass-obsessed madman Noboru Iguchi creates the most crap-tastic zombie movie ever to emerge from Japan’s cinema sewer. Here is a quick look at some of the other featured films at this year’s Fantastic Fest:


US Premiere

Director: Yoshihiro Nakamura, Korea, 109 minutes

From the director of festival faves Fish Story and Golden Slumber, the ultimate time travelling, father-son, samurai pastry chef, food movie ever made.

CLOWN (2011)

Texas Premiere

Director Mikkel Nørgaard and producer Louise Vesth live in person!

Director: Mikkel Nørgaard, Denmark, 90 minutes

Casper and Frank are on a canoe trip to glory, a Tour De Pussy with an exclusive brothel waiting at the end. Probably shouldn’t have brought the kid.


US Premiere

Director: Morgan Spurlock, USA, 88 minutes

The documentary film follows five people as they descend upon the Mecca of geek culture, San Diego’s Comic-Con Convention.


Austin Premiere

Director Noboru Iguchi live in person!

Director: Noboru Iguchi, Japan, 101 minutes

Happy 70’s crimefighters: a boy and his motorcycle-transforming, karate-fighting robot…only the kid’s grown up now and is pushing 50.


Special Screening

Director: Sean Byrne, Australia, 84 minutes

Girl likes boy. Girl asks boy to the prom but boy says no. Girl kidnaps boy and tortures him worse than one can possibly imagine. THE LOVED ONES is PRETTY IN PINK meets MISERY, but worse; much, much worse.

In addition to showcasing over 70 premiere genre features and 40 shorts, more than 20 independent video games will be on display at this year’s Fantastic Arcade, the second annual showcase of independent games from the organizers of Fantastic Fest. Panel discussions, developer talks and game tournaments will be held each day of the festival. All games and game related events in Fantastic Arcade will be free and open to the general public at The Highball Lounge. Each day will have a happy hour at the Highball and a tournament on a different independent game. The following eight games will be showcased during Fantastic Arcade as part of the Arcade’s main competition:

  • Capsized (Alientrap)
    As an intrepid space traveler, your ship has crash-landed on a mysterious alien planet. You must navigate through the perilous environment and fight off blood-thirsty creatures to save your crewmates and escape with your lives!
  • Faraway (Little–Eyes)
    One button travels and constellation creations in infinite procedural outer space.
  • Fez (Polytron)
    Gomez is a 2D man on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious 3rd dimension. Change your perspective and look at the world in a different way.
  • FRACT (Phosfiend Systems)
    An atmospheric adventure game set in an abstract forgotten world of analog sounds, samples and glitches.
  • Jesus VS. Dinosaurs (Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho)
    God travels back in time to kill all dinosaurs, they’re not in the bible and people keep digging them up to make him look bad. Darwin gets wind of this and travels back in time to stop God. They both build cars a have the ultimate chicken race in prehistory.
  • Octodad (Team Octodad)
    Loving husband. Caring father. Secret octopus.
  • Radical Fishing (Vlambeer)
    An accurate simulation of traditional fishing as gramps always described it.
  • Skulls of the Shogun (Haunted Temple Studios)
    Washing up on the shores of the afterlife, players meet and join forces with vibrant ghost-samurai warriors, magical animal-monks, and mustachioed samurai generals in an invigorating cocktail of 1960s flavored sorcery and strategy.

Fantastic Arcade will also feature many more games and events throughout the four days of the festival. Find out more at For the latest developments visit the Fantastic Fest Facebook. Twitter, and the homepage at

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