Malia Moore Benefit

This Saturday, September 24th don’t miss the 3rd Annual Malia Moore Benefit at Opal Divine’s Penn Field! The benefit is being held by local musicians who are rallying to raise money for Malia Moore, a three year old who was born with an extremely rare brain disorder known as lissencephaly, or Miller Dieker Syndrome. The disorder affects 1 in 150,000 newborns and while doctors originally predicted that little Malia would only live to the age of two, this little fighter has already made it past her third birthday! Her loving parents have been extremely strong and determined in providing Malia everything they could to give her the best possible chances. In her short life she has already battled it out with pneumonia, septic shock, and countless infections as a result of spending such a prolonged amount of time in the hospital. Malia has already beat so many odds and will continue to do so in her fight against lissencephaly, and while her situation has prevented her from sitting up or crawling, her positive spirit and determination keep her going and keep everyone in her life constantly amazed.

The goal of Malia’s foundation is to create awareness of lissencephaly and bring hope to all children who struggle against disorders and diseases. They will be donating 10% of the event’s proceeds to Texas Children’s Hospital for further lissencephaly research.

The event will be taking place at Opal Divine’s Penn Field on Saturday, September 24th at 4pm. Local Austin musicians including Two Hoots and a Holler, Erik Larson and Peace Maker, Bob Cheevers, and the Twilight Trio will be performing. Also, In addition to the live music, there will also be a silent auction with exotic trips, jewelry, designer bags and sunglasses. The Shriner Clowns will be performing for two hours; and there will be face painting and kid’s games! Of course, this will be a very kid-friendly event so please bring the whole family!

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