Family Feud

If the title is causing you to have manic flashbacks about your brother chasing you wielding a skateboard over his head yelling about how you kicked his Lego Yoda over and now must DIE DIE DIE, don’t worry. That’s not what this is about. (<–Author’s loaded personal childhood experience sentence here)

Family Feud is the lovable American game show where yelling is encouraged and bickering wins you money. It also happens to be pretty hilarious at times. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Joints and church. Way to go mom and dad. We are pretty convinced that we can make our own, equally comical rendition but not on our own! We’re partnering up with the hilarious New Movement Theater for a new look at the classic game show and we need your help. Each day leading up to the next squabbling of kin (or pseudo kin as it’s really more of a Team Feud situation) we will be asking a question and then compiling a list of the answers.

Here’s the questions:

1. Name a band that always makes you change the radio station
2. Name a retro fashion that should never make a come-back
3. What is your favorite bar food?
4. Name something you do when you are playing hookey from work
5. What is your favorite type of shot?

Email your answers to We’ll compile the results and bring them to the event. ALSO, all who enter answers are automatically entered for concert tickets and goodies as well. Come see if your answer made the list!

And for the love of all that is sane in this world don’t kick over the freaking Yoda.

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