Reasons Why We’re Excited About Fantastic Fest 2011

Over 12 hours of movies everyday – the only other fest in town that gives you hours and hours of back to back movie viewing is titled “Butt-Numb-a-Thon”.

A Party Every Night – While many parties at the Highball are closed to the general public, such as Attempted Rap, the guys at the Alamo know everyone likes to party so you can come to one of the FREE open to the public dance parties or Karaoke Apocalypse which brought down the house last year. Plus it’s at the Highball, one of the swankiest bars in town.

Secret Screenings – Yeah not even hipsters know what these movies are before they’re screened at the festival.

New Lars von Trier Movie – We are seriously looking forward to more from the director that brought us talking foxes and genital mutilation.

Unique Opportunities for Japanese Wackiness – The crew that picks the foreign films are really great at finding odd Japanese films. From a movie simply titled ZOMBIE ASS, sex doll romance, a boy and his motorcycle/robot/karate fighter and a kind of adorable looking softcore porn movie.

The Arcade is open to the public this year – yep, normally you would have to buy a separate pass or have a regular film badge to get into the indie arcade, but not this year! So everyone can come out and support/play/ask questions with these awesome indie developers.

Look for more coverage by Sarah Arnold and John Shields via twitter (@sarah_arnold and @john_shields) and here on the Do512 blog through out the festival this year.

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