Fun Fun Fun Fest

As Fun Fun Fun Fest welcomes its sixth year they will also be welcoming a new home. The fest has indeed proved to be Fun Fun Fun, in fact it is so fun that it has now changed venues because everyone wants in on the fun fun fun! <–(10 funs in that sentence, count ’em.)

Last year, the fest maxed out their previous venue, Waterloo Park, and has made the move to Auditorium Shores this year. There will still be four stages dedicated to specific genres except you will now have more room to headbang to metal and punk at the black stage, or bust out of your hipster-indie-shell and attempt your new dance moves at the orange stage. The yellow stage will be bumpin’ mad beats and you’ll now be able to roll around laughing at the blue stage, reserved for comedy and spoken word acts.

The insanely rad view of Auditorium Shores, welcome the change peeps!

This year’s lineup is of course, totally kickass, but we’ll give you some highlights so you can go ahead and start jumping up and down. Passion Pit, Lykke Li, Blonde Redhead, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Public Enemy, Dan Deacon, Henry Rollins and Reggie Watts. There’s a little something for everyone, and for this reason, you don’t have to buy just 3-day passes. There are still some 1-day passes available for all three days of the festival, as well as some 3-day passes if there’s an act everyday that you just can not miss.

Some acts that we are looking forward to are:

Reggie Watts! So funny, so talented, seriously just a genuine badass.  Check him out Friday Nov. 4 on the yellow stage.

The sexy Lykke Li will be playing Saturday Nov. 5 on the orange stage. Quite an enchanting performer…

Chillwave-y, electronic-y, sound layer master-y man Will Weisenfeld, better known as Baths will be playing Sunday Nov. 6 on the blue stage. Go see him!

So start begging for cash and digging for change so you can make it out to this year’s Fun Fun Fun (fun fun fun fun fun) Fest! And, of course, being the awesome people that we are, Do512 will be GIVING AWAY a pair of 3-day tickets just for “liking” the event from our site. Aren’t we sweet?
Hope to see you there!

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