La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival

What’s your favorite wine? I have many, between pinot grigio, chianti, moscato (in the summer) and those tasty tasty super Tuscans.  Everyone has their own palette for wine, but as far as I’m concerned, Italian wines are really the best wines in the world.  Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, so basically they’ve got it down.  However, our U.S. wine country vineyards (especially California and Texas) have since proven themselves in the wine world, and there are some tasty wines from right here in the hill country that truly hold their own.  I love it when people get together, either just at a dinner party or at a larger festival setting to sample new wines and share old favorites.  For the past 22 years, Austin Museum of Art has been celebrating and paying tribute to the vinos with their “La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival.”  This year’s festival is entitled “Il Palio: A Night in Old Siena” and it’s on October 13th at AMOA Laguna Gloria.  Here’s why you’ll want to be there:

Wine.  There will be wine available from both Texas and worldwide wineries, which you can sample and compare!

Food.  There will be savory treats from 50 (COUNT IT: 50) of Austin’s finest chefs as you stroll through the “17 Contrade”

A Scotch Lounge.  You heard me.  I picture this as being a dark room with leather chairs, a baby grand piano and scotch on the rocks.  Kind of like this:

Okay, so it probably won’t be like this, but still, there’s going to be awesome.  And there’s going to be scotch for you Ron Burgundies.

La Dolce Vita Food & Wine Festival

Thursday, October 13th @ Laguna Gloria

Get your tickets here.

Want to go for FREE?  Click here to win a pair of tickets!


See you there!

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