Fantastic Fest Day 4

Have we mentioned yet how much we love that we have more comedies and sci-fi to see this year? Because we do, we really really do. John and I aren’t really horror fans but we can appreciate a good story. Lets get to it!
This movie had some pacing issues but I’m excited about what the director and writers might be able to do in the future. It felt like they needed a stronger editorial team (as much as I hate to say it) from a larger studio to really be successful. The movie begins with Tyler locked in his hallway closet, staring out at his mother dead on the floor. His friends have come over, presumably to just hang out, when they find her and start to call out for Tyler. After jumping out of the closet Tyler is screaming nonsense and stabs one of his friends in the hand and cuts another before being tackled by the typical “jock” friend. We then jump to several years later where they decide to go out to Tyler’s family cabin after his release from the institution to help him lay his mother’s ashes to rest. Everyone is understandably on edge, cabin in the snowy woods with a crazy man, but tries to show moral support. Things start to go weird again when they all start to see “The Corridor” that Tyler has been rambling about. The writer, Josh MacDonald, seems to know what this alien creature (?) wants but doesn’t build tension to keep the audience interested for most of the movie. My experience was about ten minutes of interest and then being bored again. The actors are all young and could use a few more movies under their belts before trying such a challenging movie again. I’d love to see what this creative team is coming out with in five years or so.
This was at first a few webvideos, and then a TV show and now the best selling box office movie for The Netherlands in the last 25, and there’s a reason why. This movie is hilarious. The comedy falls right into the current comedy vibe in America; ridiculous characters, explosions, a big “fuck you!” to authority and traditionally socially awkward characters that we love to root for in the end. The story is about a group of guys who can’t really hold down any jobs where they have to show up on time and because of this they go on social security but then when demanding more money they get cut off. The only real solution to this is to stop paying for anything. This, in turn, leads to shenanigans, that end in them running away and with scuffles with the local cops but also turns into country wide protests of people refusing to pay for any goods. There is some distasteful comedy with the mentally handicapped, but sometimes that happens when cultures have different “lines” that you do not cross. Almost every line ended with the word cunt or homo (again not highbrow comedy here), but since these guys are just so white trash it comes off as funny. At times the movie feels a little long but I would for sure try and find the DVD. On a side note we got to see one of the funniest web series I’ve seen out of Australia, COP HARD, a farce on American cop TV shows. This is awesome beyond words, got to right now. RIGHT NOW.
Remember the original Power Rangers? The one that was clearly just a bad dubbed import from Japan, this is a remake of that. Karate Robo Zaborgar is one of the original action TV shows that had that karate style and robots for kids and this is a great re-imagining. While I’ve never seen the original this movie brought back all those awesome memories and knows what it’s doing. They said the budget would’ve paid for 3 seconds of the new Transformers movie but I thought it looked great. It ran a little long for me, but I remember thinking that for all the Power Rangers movies when I was a kid as well. Maybe these movies just punch up my ADD.

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